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The Ultimate $5 Million Garage

Mitt Romney is not the only American with a mighty-fine garage. No, Tom Gonzales has one as well, and his place to park cars is much more impressive than any owned by any presidential hopeful.

Gonzales, a software magnate, has spent around $5 million on his 6,000 square-foot underground parking masterpiece at his Lake Tahoe home, which is undoubtedly much more than what you or I call home.      

As any self-respecting magnate must, Gonzales has had a car elevator added to his garage. However, his particular lift can raise and lower a motorhome along with at least three over full-sized automobiles in a single trip. Each time the lift goes up or down, it costs $25 in electricity. Of course, MItt Romney is adding his own car elevator in his CA home.

The 6,000 square-foot space houses a collection of special edition Harley-Davidson motorcycles, many of which have never even been started. Unfortunately, many of the top vehicles from his 400-car collection, such as his McLaren F1 and Ferrari F50, have been sold.

And no…part of your Utah car loan cannot be applied to your very own car elevator ;)