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Utah Woman On Trial for Repeatedly Running Over Ex-Husband

No one is disputing that Brenda White of North Salt Lake ran over her ex-husband with her Ford Explorer in 2006. Nor is anyone questioning the accusation that White, while behind the wheel of her Explorer, chased her ex-husband through a parking garage where he, Jon Robert White, had to run between parked cars, jump over a cement wall and sprint into an office. Moreover, no one is even debating whether or not the she-White crashed her car through the front glass doors of the office building to hit her male target and then sped down the hallway to hit her ex-husband again after he had got up and fled after being hit the first time.

The only dispute is why she did it and whether or not women have the right to run over men who are really, really, really, really, really rotten to them.

The she-White is saying that she was not in her right mind because she was angry and on anxiety medication, which does not seem to have had the desired effect. The she-White has been charged with attempted murder and criminal mischief. 

As of the time of this writing, there is no confirmation to the report that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is going to issue a safety recall of all women’s drivers licenses ;)