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Don’t Eclipse a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

If you live in the state of Utah, you have a great opportunity to witness a rare occurrence this year when the solar eclipse takes place on August 21st. But it’s best to own a car to do so. If you’re in the market for a new or used car and live in Utah, let the folks at Car Loans Utah help you get one. That way you can drive to the best spot along the path of the eclipse and give your family a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
A total solar eclipse is a rare event that occurs when the moon aligns between the Earth and the sun, creating a shadow called the umbra. This shadow will temporarily give the appearance of blocking out the sun. This shadow produces what is called the total eclipse. The moon will also have a penumbra, which is a lighter shadow around the umbra. This is viewed as a partial eclipse. The path of the moon’s umbra as it moves across Earth is called the path of totality. As the path is now, Utah will see only a partial eclipse, and while that will be noticeable, it won’t have the effect you get when you are in the path of totality. That path is a stretch of land about 70 miles wide and goes right across the entire state of Wyoming, our neighbor to the north.
How cool would it be for your children to say they travelled to Wyoming to witness the total eclipse during Show and Tell when they return to school this fall. But they can’t do that if you don’t go ahead and buy a car from us. Just think what a cool summer vacation that will be. Scientists say the best place to view the eclipse is from one of the National Parks along the path, and the nearest to Utah is the Grand Teton. You don’t have to rough it in the park the entire time. Go to and make your plans now to stay in a hotel or residence that’s near enough to the park that you only have to make a short drive to join in the excitement. For further savings, search Groupon for deals that will save you additional money. They have 50% off deals, discounts and packages to make vacationing easy for your family.
We know you can buy a car from anyone, we just feel we can give you the best deal, best terms and best buying experience. And that’s another thing your kids can share.