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Cheap Cars: Utah (UT)

Looking to find cheap cars in Utah? How much money is it best to commit to a used car or truck? To be prudent, you could allocate only 10% of how much you earn annually for purchasing a cheap car or truck.

  • $35,000 = $3500 Car
  • $40,000 = $4000 Car
  • $80,000 = $8,000 Car

If you need to finance this purchase, we have you covered. Just visit our section on Utah auto loans. Applying is easy.

Also, be sure to research good used cars. Not all vehicles hold well as the mileage climbs, and this can vary depending on where you live. For instance, some vehicles that fair well in the southwest may not hold up well with the salt from Utah’s winter roads. Consumer Reports is a terrific website for determing which used cars and trucks would be best. You can also check out the NADA Guide to view Utah used car prices.