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Auto Loans in Magna (UT)

Want to find a car loan in Magna, Utah? We have taken the hassles out of car loans in Magna and all of Utah. Best of all, the application costs nothing.

Acceptance and Interest Rates

In Magna, the average monthly income is $3,569. The average credit score is 683. Bear in mind, you don’t need to make more than $1500 monthly to be eligible for car financing in Magna, UT.

For the most part, car loan companies require you to earn at least $1500 income a month. Also, your level of existing debt, including your auto loan, should not surpass half of your earnings. In Magna, Utah, this equates to $1,785 (average). Don’t meet these standards? You may still be able to qualify with a co-signer, more money down, or via buy here pay here car lots in Magna, UT.

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You should commit no more than 18-20 percent of your regular monthly wages for such things as:

  • Monthly Payments
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Fuel

If you make $42,832 annually, the Magna average, this equals $642-$714 monthly. With fuel prices on the rise, it’s best to go with a reasonably priced car with decent gas mileage. Often, buying a used car in Magna, Utah is smart. Used vehicles are more affordable to purchase and to insure. And in addition, they lose value much less quickly than brand new vehicles.

Auto Loans with Bad Credit: Magna (UT)

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We make it less difficult to obtain an auto loan in Magna, Utah with bad credit. Let’s consider Utah credit scores as a whole:

  • Average UT Credit Rating: 683
  • Credit Score Deemed “Bad”: under 620
  • Number of People with a Bad Credit Score: 6,847

If you need a bad credit car loan in Magna, Utah, we can help you find a finance company who won’t instantly reject people who have credit scores of less than 620.

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The vast majority of loan companies require applicants with bad credit to have a regular income of $1500 a month, at least, as well as a maximum of $750 monthly in debt payments. This includes your new bad credit car loan.

No Credit Check Dealerships: Magna, UT

Exploring buy here pay here dealerships in Utah? If you believe your only option is an in house financing car loan, we recommend that submit your application for bad credit car loans in Magna, UT.

These dealers have a few different names:

  • Your Job is Your Credit Car Lots
  • In House Financing Dealerships
  • Bad Credit Car Dealerships
  • Tote The Note Dealerships

To some folks, getting their car loan without any credit check seems great.

Sadly, you’ll want to consider several major downsides. We’d be remiss not to mention:

  • Expensive Apr
  • Aggressive Financing Tactics
  • Hefty Down Payments
  • High Mileage Used Cars and Trucks

Remember to explore any UT buy here pay here dealership on the web. You’ll want to track down someone who has purchased a vehicle from them recently. Ask them whether or not the dealer is in good standing.

Used And Bad Credit Car Dealers: Magna (UT)

  • Cost-U-Less Cars, 7051 W 2400 S, 84128